Shimmer for Less….

This post is looking at affordable glam, beauty products that don't cost the earth and still do the job.  I'm always one for a bargain - yes some of the products I review have a higher price tag but in most cases you do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to ingredients.  However, … Continue reading Shimmer for Less….


Italian Mama’s Prima Pasta….

This recipe is for the perfect pasta sauce - the best thing about this is that if you are busy like me it can be made in advance and frozen.  It's brilliant for a dinner party or to make in bulk to entertain a big group.  Good food doesn't always have to be complicated and time consuming- this is … Continue reading Italian Mama’s Prima Pasta….

“All that Glitters Is Gold”

On Saturday I had an amazing Pamper Evening at my Mums with some of my favourite products.... It just so happened that they were all a gold or bronzey colour so I decided not only to blog about what they actually do but how they look and feel as well.. There is something, (for me … Continue reading “All that Glitters Is Gold”

Modern Ruffles with all the Frills…

I haven't done a fashion post in a while and thank goodness it's getting warmer now so we can all start to think about wearing some more summery inspired outfits.  I am not one for girly choices- in fact I rarely wear dresses but Im so down with this new trend we are seeing emerging … Continue reading Modern Ruffles with all the Frills…

Magical Dreams and Pretty, Girly Things…..

I am lucky enough to have been sent some Goodies this week from Contour Cosmetics and Niko Pro Tools.  I wanted to share with you one of my favourites- infact I think my favourite brushes ever made!!!! Niko Pro have teamed up with Contour Cosmetics to produce the utterly gorgeous Enchanted brush set.  They actually have … Continue reading Magical Dreams and Pretty, Girly Things…..