I am a professional Fashion, Fitness and Fit Model /Commercial Actress from Sheffield currently living in Los Angeles. I have been in the Industry now for over ten years and also have experience working in both the fashion and beauty worlds for brands such as Creme de la mer, LVMH and Dior. I am a beauty/skincare product, fashion and food junkie!!!!! When I’m not working I love to travel, which I am lucky enough to be able to do with work sometimes. This has allowed me to stay on the button of emerging trends and different cultural influences that we, perhaps, here in the UK are not as savvy too. I have had to keep my body healthy and In shape but I also do it for my mind and a general sense of wellness. This blog is not used for promotional purposes but I will include some recipes and links to products that I use in my everyday regimen. This is essentially me being allowed to write about all the things I love and share that with you- I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it.