A couple of weeks ago I visited the Reviv Wellness Clinic in Knutsford. I have waited a while to write my post because I wanted to let my body have time to feel the benefits and show results so that I could share them with you guys.

I was met by Billy who I have known for many years through the skincare industry-he works front of house at the Knutsford clinic and books in clients from all over the area.  I will pop his contact details and the Clinic’s at the bottom of the post.  He recommended me to go and see them to feel the benefits of the infusions and the shots that are available. The clinic is absolutely fabulous inside a very clean and clinical environment but very comfortable and inviting. Each client has their own individual sofa area and there is a television to watch if you choose to while you are waiting for your infusion to be absorbed.

After my greeting I then met my clinician Cheryl who took me to a private room and talked me through the various options and treatments available.  I explained that due to my trip to Paris with work I felt tired and my skin felt dull and lacked its usual glow.  She recommended that I try the Vitaglow infusion and I was sold!!!

Just to explain a little about these ‘infusions’ they are intravenous drips that contain various vitamin and mineral infusions that go straight into the bloodstream.

They take around 45 minutes although mine only took 20 (I absorbed it very quickly) and are similar to a fluid drip that hospitals use to give your body what it may need.

I do not like needles so I was very nervous. I hate having bloods done and usually feel very faint so I wasn’t looking forward to it at all.  Cheryl was amazing, so professional all the staff  who administer the IV’s across the clinics are trained nurses and so are very experienced.  The drip went straight in and I honestly felt nothing and it was done in 2 minutes.  The infusion that I received contained mainly vitamin C and the key ingredient was glutathione.

This is the master of all anti-oxidants and fights free radicals -all buzz words for us beauty and skin junkies.  It can help with pigmentation and brightens the skin from within.  It gives a natural glow as all the benefits are actually absorbed straight into your bloodstream.

The infusion is also a natural boost for the immune system and prevents any further free-radical damage and illness. Perfect now as we enter the colder months.

I also had a slim booster shot that contained B12 and 3 Amino acids that help with energy levels and naturally speeds up the metabolism. These can be done on a regular basis for weight loss although for me it just helped pick me up and made me feel less lethargic which was exactly what I needed. I also felt that I could do more in the gym the next day which was a bonus!!

Ive actually booked me and my mum in for next week as she will get her own bespoke consultation and treatment. The clinic is a great place to take a loved one or one of your girlfriends to have a good gossip and relax while giving your body a much needed boost.



Billy-+447496 797606

Clinic is also open  Saturdays till 2pm.




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