2 weeks ago I had my Brows done by my gorgeous friend Sarah Amelia who has recently trained and learned to do the Ombré Brow treatment in London. I had a combination brow treatment which I will explain a little later in the post..  I was quite nervous as I have had a bad experience in the past which has left me with some superficial scars in my brows and I didn’t want the treatment to look blocky or too strong for my face and the colour to be too greyish in tone as I have seen on some brunette brows.
Sarah specialises in the most natural form of permanent makeup the ‘Ombré’ Brow, as well as the hair stroke brow. The ombré brow is quickly becoming the most favoured form of semi – permanent makeup as it heals into a very soft natural powder, filling in any gaps & sparse areas.
She will colour match your treatment to perfection with a massive range of LI pigments and will make sure you are 100% happy with the shape and colour before the treatment starts.  She drew my shape for me which did look a little scary but she explained that it would be much softer when finished.
Topical anaesthetic was applied to my brows before and during the treatment I have a video on my instagram- @mirandahird_ -you can see I am talking away and it really was virtually painfree until the end when you feel a slight sunburnt sensation as the brow has had a lot of trauma by this point but she is very quick and the handheld machine is the least invasive method of semi permanent makeup.
Sarah has clinics available all across cheshire and Lancashire or you can visit her at her home clinic in Hale if you would prefer that.
She does your top up treatment included in the price 2 weeks post treatment and is available to discuss any concerns prior or post treatment.  I was worried my colour had faded a lot but she explained everyones skin takes the pigment differently and the top up will correct any gaps in the brows and she can adjust the colour then to perfect the final look.
You can contact Sarah via her Instagram account brows_by_sarah_ and her contact details are listed below. This post will be on her Facebook page too so you can read this and watch the videos of her doing my treatment.  I had a mixture of the hair stroke method through the front section of my brow as I wanted it look as natural as possible and she used the ombré technique to perfect the arch and the tail of my brow as you can see from the after picture they are still soft and fluffy and a lovely shade of soft warm brown like my hair.
Sarah Work Number- 07860625927
Facebook Page-Brows By Sarah
I will post a picture when I have had my top up in 2 weeks…
xoxoxox Miranda

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