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Whats in My Suitcase Part 1…

I am back from my gorgeous 10 day break in the Canary Islands so I thought Id do a 2 part post on what I took with me both to wear and in my cosmetics bag…. I think for us girls this is always the hardest part to condense down so your suitcase doesn’t weigh a tonne!!! These are a few of the products that I packed with me for my holiday and a good way of multi using products to work for you as some of them do more than one thing.

The first one is my violet toning shampoo- now I have gone slightly blonder over the summer-(obviously this won’t apply to all of you) but you can use a similar toning shampoo to suit your hair colour. The one pictured here is Clean Blonde from Fudge and it helps my blonde, sun-kissed sections to stay clean and bright rather than turn that brassy, yellowy tone which means a trip to the hairdressers when you get home!!!! Yes this is quite large but very good value at £10 and I don’t take the matching conditioner I take a travel size hydrating conditioner so that saves some space.

The 2 skincare products shown are actually two new additions to my holiday beauty list introduced to me by a MUA and a brand who kindly sent me some products to try.  The Recovery Gel Primer from Sports FX has been designed to cool down your skin after exercise which it definitely does but I also found it a perfect post sun product aswell. It has a high moisture content and contains aloe vera, perfect for sun drenched skin. It has a light yet creamy texture, perfect for under makeup and a gorgeous coconut scent which is both refreshing and luxurious… The second is the Dewy Stix from Ciaté- this is theeee most amazing highlighter/illuminating balm for the highpoints of the face. I don’t particularly like to use powders when I’m away as I find them too heavy and drying.  This gives a sheen to the face without looking too intense or shimmery.  It is literally like the shine you actually want when you are away that dewy, glow look which I adore!!!! A must have for me now in my makeup bag at all times and a great tan enhancer too. Fingers are fine for application so you don’t need a load of brushes.

The fourth is Liz Earle’s Superbalm.  This is perfect for holidays as it will do your lips, cuticles, heels and any little tender patches (god forbid you burn) 😉 a fabulous all rounder enriched with essential oils including rosehip to nourish and camomile to soothe.  Saves you packing three products when this one does it all. Can totally see why this receives all the awards and accolades it gets.

The mask I have recently found and am now slightly addicted to is the Garnier Moisture Bomb Super -Revitalising tissue mask.  If you haven’t used a sheet mask before I would highly recommend them especially when you don’t want the mess and want a quick fix. This is perfect- it hydrates, quenches and comforts the skin and is the equivalent of a weeks worth of serum in one use.  I don’t like to use clay  masks or exfoliants when I’m away as I find them to harsh and dry.  The pomegranate smells yummy and you can leave this on for 15 mins pre-dinner or drinks and your skin looks so glowing and plumped you need minimal makeup or even moisturiser!!! Very easy to pack you could even take 2 as they take up no room I bought another 5 for my next trip!!! Star product for me- as an absolute bargain at £1.99 from Superdrug.  Any residue get that massaged in as its gold!!!!

My summer scent for holidays except Bronze Goddess by Estee ~Lauder is Chloe Signature Eau de Parfum.  The combination of Magnolia, Lilly, Rose, Amber and Cedarwood make it light, fresh, floral but a little more sophisticated and heady for the evening.  The new Rose edition is also gorgeous if you are more of girly girl or just love the scent of Roses….

Now for Body- unfortunately one of my products could not be photographed as I have used it all and the bottle has actually broken because I squeezed it so much-Lollls. It is the Lancaster Cream Tan Maximiser for face and body.  I would never normally use an after sun product on my face because they make me break out but this one doesn’t -it is light, non greasy and really soothes the skin, prevents peeling and nourishes the skin at the same time.  I don’t actually have the ingredient list (it must be a secret) but whatever it is smells incredible!!!  You do not need a separate body cream- hence why I came back with this absolutely empty.

The Nuxe Body Oil I think, I have mentioned before- I only use this in the evening and do give it a little time to dry if you are wearing something silky because it can transfer but is does look ultra gorgeous and makes your tan radiate even more. For legs it is a must have and the cheaper alternatives are, in my opinion, not as good and don’t last on the skin. This is also available at M and S now aswell if you prefer to try before you buy.

I hope this has helped and maybe reduced the size of the cosmetic overload in your case as all of these are fabulous and really do the job without the need for backup options.





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