Summer Skin Favourites ☀️

I apologise that I have neglected my blog recently but Ive been so busy with work now we have finally hit the Summer Season. So I thought that would be an appropriate topic to write about-here are my skincare faves for summer to safely acheive sunkissed skin and some other Summer Staples I wouldnt miss out on….

Although it is amazing this time of year-freckles come out and we all have a more tanned, bronzed skintone it can unfortunately be very damaging to our skin so I thought I would look at some ways of cheating it for you guys. Get that sunkissed glow without all the UVA/B exposure.

My first product is Oclipse SPF 50 from Zo Skin Health. It is the ultimate Sun protector and primer whilst also drenching the skin in vitamin E conditioners, Anti oxidants and vitamin C. It feels amazing on the skin and sinks straight in without leaving that thick, creamlike residue most SPFS have. It also fights against pigmentation and combats damage already done to the skin so it corrects the skin aswell as protecting it. It is comforting to know a specialist/ dermatologist has developed this-I really think you can tell!!!! It will help soften fine lines as well- an added bonus. Prevention is always better than cure!!!! Not a cheap option but well worth the investment.

The second is a new product from bali body -the natural tanning oil. I thought maybe these products might just be pretty to look at but it is fantastic. It’s not greasy at all and smells incredible. The coconut fragrance is perfect for holidays and Im not entirely sure how but all the naturally derived ingredients when applied to the skin make you look bronzed without having an actual self tanner in it.  It kept my skin silky smooth all day and  it can even be used on sensitive skin to keep it hydrated in the heat. You can also get this in a Cacoa version which is darker -so perfect if you are lucky enough to have more caramel toned skin and yes it smells just like chocolate!!

My absolute staple for summer and holidays is the Universal Bronze by Chanel. It is a cream-powder finish base that literally highlights and contours your face whatever skin tone you have. Depending on how dark you want to go and how intense you want the colour you can build this product up. The texture is perfect and means you can skip foundation, less to do on holiday and in the morning is a massive plus for me! It lets skin shine through and doesnt look orange. I would recommend using an angled brush for cheekbones but you can simply sweep this all over with a big fluffy brush in a soft outward motion for a more all over bronzed look.

The next product is a lip colour from Charlotte Tilbury.  Coachella is the perfect holiday shade and I think suits both brunette beauties and blonde bombshells. It is a coral tone with just the right amount of pink and orange to balance it out. Her lipsticks are glossy without being sticky and really last well. The gold lippy case is beautiful to adorn your handbag and whip out after dinner or cocktails.

My Moisturiser for Summer is also relatively new its from Tarte Cosmetics-a drink of H20. This is a drink for the skin- the lightweight gel texture is fabulous especially after a day in the sun…. It makes your skin glow instantly and adds radiance as it contains Hyaluronic Acid one of my most lust after ingredients for the face. It left my skin feeling hydrated and luminous all day and is a perfect base for makeup in the evening. Bonus points is the box looks like a mermaids shell-I love that and this product is totally vegan.  Two other good options are Clinique’s Moisture Surge Gel formula or Nutrogena’s  Hydra-boost water gel. A Bargain at 12.99.

Last but not least is Esteé Lauder’s treasure scent- Bronze Goddess, it is the ultimate holiday fragrance for me. Coconut, Vanilla, Amber and Bergamot notes make it fresh, sexy, light and just all-round delicious. They have expanded the range now to include body products which I will definitely be adding to my parfum purchase this summer- especially the shimmer oil!!!!!

I hope this has given you some summer beauty inspo….


Miranda x


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