‘Opera Grill’

On Wednesday I was invited to the Opera Grill in Chester…. It is part of the Individual Restaurant group– I frequently go to the more local restaurants near me but this is an entirely new concept in the way the restaurant looks, the menu and the addition of live music every week.  The atmosphere is very opulent and grand as the building is very large but it is also modern, clean and feels very intimate when you dine in one of the booths.

We got there an hour early and were invited to the bar to have a drink and a little pre meal bite.  We chose the oysters and Tuna Tataki from the raw menu. We went to the fish bar to pick them ourselves.  The varieties were all explained by the chef a light, citrusy white wine was recommended to accompany them by our Sommelier which was all very interactive and added to the experience.  They were amazing- so fresh and the Yuzu sauce was to die for!!!!

We eventually sat down after ordering another headier Spanish White wine, (my other half isn’t a red drinker) as we had decided to indulge in some meat!!!!  We ordered the Sticky ribs, a Fattoush salad and the Aged Australian Ribeye steak with Triple cooked chips.

I am not normally a big red meat eater so I was bit sceptical but it was all so good- melt in your mouth stuff and again all the cuts of beef were explained and we had the chance to look at them all in the meat counter display prior to ordering.  The Fattoush salad was my favourite- a Lebanese mixture of cucumber, tomatoes, flatbread, yogurt and mint!!!! It was so summery and different I will 100 percent be making this for BBQs this summer.  We didn’t have a dessert but ordered a macchiato with some complimentary pieces of honeycomb….yum yum yum.

The roof terrace which we were given a tour of will be a hotspot in Summer for sure and I will definitely be going again when I don’t have to work the next day and can make a night of it.  I really liked the fact that we were given a hostess to seat us etc felt much more personal and we were not rushed at all infact we stayed for four hours!!!!




01244 343888 for bookings.


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