Shimmer for Less….

This post is looking at affordable glam, beauty products that don’t cost the earth and still do the job.  I’m always one for a bargain – yes some of the products I review have a higher price tag but in most cases you do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to ingredients.  However, I totally get that with makeup is a bit like clothes- trends are always changing and it is nice to be able to try out new products and looks without spending a fortune.  I am going to pick out a few of my favourites that I have found really work and are now staples in my own makeup bag.

So my first pick is this bronzey primer/ illuminator from Seventeen makeup- a range I have never really tried as the colours have always seemed bit out there and young for me. The is amazing, all my friends are hooked – it really works well either mixed with foundation to warm up your skin or on its own. Use to softly contour or dab onto cheek bones to lift, lighten and wake up your skin with a luminous glow.  It comes with a pump applicator which is great to prevent leakage and means you dont end up wasting loads of product.  This also comes in a pearlescent shade if you prefer not to look bronzed or as a winter option.

The second is a liquid or cream highlighter stick from the MUA Luxe range.  There are two tint options – a light gold and a rose gold perfect for all skin tones to add that fabulous gleam when your face hits the light.  It doesn’t have a sparkle as such but I prefer that and it looks very natural.  This can be worn above the cheekbones and under the brow bone-you could even use a small blender brush to apply it for more precision.  It has lasted me for ageeees and I would not now be without it-  at £4.00 it is an absolute bargain!!!

The next is more a range review really from everyone’s favourite ‘inexpensive store’ Primark- PS is the new range of luxury beauty items that have been launched. Lots of golden, glowy products, strobing kits and glamorous brush sets.  The nail varnishes come in both matte and gloss finishes, in lots of on trend colours.  I especially like the rosey pink matte shade shown in the feature image-perfect for spring nails.  The powder highlighter gives an insane glow equal to some much more expensive brands I have bought.  The whole ramge looks really high end for a very low pricetag.

My final pick is the Healthy Mix Foundation from Bourjois.  It contains plant and fruit extracts (see below) to help condition your skin and my skin has never broken out after using it:

  • Apricot for radiance
  • Melon for hydration
  • Apple to protect your youth

It is made with crystalline pigments to even out the complexion and give a healthy, natural looking glow. It blends so well and has that dewy, radiant finish that I just love.  Skin should always look like skin and let the natural light enhance your complexion rather than mask it.

‘Its soft, fresh texture easily blends onto the skin for a comfortable flawless finish leaving you with beautiful, radiant and hydrated skin for 8 hours.’ This is what the brand themselves say I actually think it does better than that and would (with a little bit of topping up),  do you all day and last into the evening.  I just do stronger eye makeup and add bronzer for a night-time glam look.  It comes in 8 shades so will suit most skin tones.

Now we can all like filmstars for a fraction of the cost….



4 thoughts on “Shimmer for Less….

  1. Great purchases! I’m so glad the quality of the Primark makeup are good I’m definitely going to try their highlighter now! Spending £30ish on MAC highlighters really stresses me. Lol

    Pearl ||


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