“All that Glitters Is Gold”

On Saturday I had an amazing Pamper Evening at my Mums with some of my favourite products…. It just so happened that they were all a gold or bronzey colour so I decided not only to blog about what they actually do but how they look and feel as well.. There is something, (for me anyway), magical about these colours when it comes to beauty. The glow they bring and the feeling of warmth they bring to a gloomy, cold day instantly perks me up and rejuvenates my skin.  Some days I want to feel clean, fresh and very green and pure other days I just want luxury and richness- this was one of those days.

You will also notice that a lot of these products are oil based- this is not just because they are very nourishing but again because oil feels so wonderful on the skin and the effect it has on the senses.

My first product is the Caron Paris Bain De Champagne. I first tried this in Paris where it was originally made and it is a classic french perfume oil.  It is oriental and woody with floral notes such as rose, lilac and vanilla.  I think I love it so much because it reminds me of my mum she has always used it and fragrances like it all my life and so the emotional memory is there.  I actually splash a cap of it into my bath and it is amazing!!!! It scents the whole house and makes the water silky and scented like being transported to a Parisian perfumery.  It is available here at Amazon its’ not for everyone as it is a strong, highly fragranced oil but once you try it I think you’ll be hooked!!!

The Facial Oil at the front of the collection is from AD synergy and is a treat for me that I use when I literally want a facial overnight whilst sleeping.  It is rich, smells aromatic and in the morning your skin looks like you’ve been to the spa for a facial- it’s especially good if you’re dehydrated or have been overdoing it!! It contains rosehip and sweet almond oil, natural vitamin A and no artificial fragrances so is the perfect night treatment to repair the skin. Do not forget your neck and decolleté…..I get mine from QVC as it’s really good value and they sometimes have special offers if you keep an eye out.

Molton Brown Oudh Accord Gold Collection has to be one of my most favourite shower/bath gels in the whole world.  It transports you to India with notes of Myrrh, heartwood and nutmeg.  The gold leaf extract in the beads actually leaves a sheen on the skin and the Elemi oil- which I discover is from a tree in the Philipines and has healing properties help to condition and moisturise the skin.  The bubbles it creates feel heady and it is thicker than most shower gels- not that kind of artificial soapyness that actually just dries out the skin.

OGX which was formally Organix make a range of shampoos for almost all hair types- this being my preferred range- the keratin brazilian smoothing shampoo and conditioner as pictured on the right. For a very small price tag they feel very exclusive containing rich coconut oil and lush keratin proteins to help strengthen and soften the hair. Avocado oil and cocoa butter smooth the hair follicle and cuticle to encourage hair growth and strong tresses.  My hair literally sparkles it looks so shiny and healthy almost like I’ve had a fresh colour put on.  Highly Recommend this if you want affordable luxury.

Finish off with St Tropez Body oil which will give your skin that holiday glow even in Winter. It doesn’t transfer to clothes or have a ‘fake tan’ smell either- perfect for legs and collarbones to help you sparkle anywhere or in a hurry…. They also do one for the face which is fab on holiday or for a natural look if you dont want to wear any makeup just add some bronzer and mascara.

FullSizeRender 15

Enjoy and remember we all deserver a pamper day from time to time.



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