‘Glambox Facials’

On Wednesday I visited the Glambox Salon in Radcliffe and had a Dermaplaning treatment with Karen, (I will pop Karen’s details on the bottom of the post.) from Pureskin Clinic. Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that  uses a small scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. I had heard of this treatment as it is a bit of a hot new ‘celebrity trend’ but its relatively new to the world of skincare in the UK so I was very keen to try it out.

It does sound and look a little scary especially at the mention of a scalpel but it absolutely was not, it was fabulous and actually very relaxing.  I will walk you through it and there is also a video on my instagram mirandahird_ so check that out too if you are curious. Karen uses Dermaquest products which I am a huge fan of- pharmaceutical skincare is what will give you proper results, actually improve your skin and penetrate into the dermal layer of the skin.

She starts by prepping the skin with a glycolic cleanser and a refining enzyme gel mask which left my skin feeling clean and stimulated, a slight tingle but nothing uncomfortable.  A warm flannel is used to remove this after a few minutes which is ultra relaxing along with the heated sheet covering the bed-lovely little touches. Then its onto the Dermaplaning each scalpel blade is clinically wrapped and a new one is used for every single client and then disposed of.  Sooooo basically it is scraping off the surface dead skin and fine baby hair or ‘fuzz’ -very technical term!!!!! to reveal a brighter, smoother glowing face underneath.  It is completely painless and rather satisfying seeing all that come away from your face.  This step took about 15 minutes, each area being done separately- except under the eye where the skin is thinner.  My skin was left slightly pink in places but that literally lasted a few minutes.

Karen applied a Gold Collagen Sheet mask to my face which was cooling and I could feel was really hydrating my skin.  A rollerball is lightly applying pressure which was like a massage for the face and as we know that will both tighten and lift-bonus. This was left on for about 10 minutes while Karen massaged my neck and shoulders.  I nearly fell asleep while this was done and came back to earth just in time to have her tell me she was applying a resurfacing balm to my skin, a SPF 30 block and an eye cream to complete the treatment.

Straight away my skin looked clearer, more radiant and has never felt so smooth!!! The redness had completely gone down and my skin looked so dewy and plump.  The most exciting thing about this treatment is how amazingly your makeup goes on after it, there is nothing to prevent it gliding on and blending seamlessly.  I was in heaven the next day after having left it overnight- don’t put any makeup on after the treatment to allow your skin to recover and absorb all the goodness applied. I would highly recommend this treatment and I will definitely be having these regularly. Karen will also be doing skin resurfacing peels and Microdermasion at her new location- both require no downtime.

While we are on the subject the Glambox is a fabulous salon- stylish rose gold decor, very professional and Pureskin is a great addition to this glamorous pamper palace.  A definite hotspot for all you beauty Queens…..

Karen @ Pureskin-07508190809

The Glambox- Sam@theglambox.co.uk



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