‘Get Your Game Face On’

Last week I received an amazing box of goodies from a new brand called Sport FX.  I really wanted to try it out as I am very active but also like to look good when I go to the gym or a class. I sometimes have castings the same day or even go on to jobs with not much time to fix my face after a sweaty workout.

Sooooo to talk about the range as a whole- I loved it!!! Ive been wearing it most days and not even just for the gym.  The primer is amazing and my favourite product along with the powder/bronzer duo.  It contains a recovery gel formula which basically means it cools the skin. I don’t really redden when I exercise but it kept my BB cream looking perfect.

I tend not to wear foundation unless I’m working or partying so the BB cream is great and comes in various shades. I went for the medium tone which would suit anyone who isn’t an english rose for all you lucky ladies with a darker olive to caramel skin go for the darker shade.  It does have a slightly heavier feel when you first apply which worried me but the products all contain nourishing oils to treat the skin and that is, I think, what gives them that feeling- they didn’t clog at all.

The concealer is a similar texture and the light shade worked well under my eyes I would even just use this on its own with no base makeup for eye bag control in the morning!!!! The rollerball was a very smooth application.

The star of the show for me is the powder/bronzer duo and is now, along with the buffer brush a staple in my handbag.  The 2 in 1 is marvellous as I don’t like taking lots of separate products with me and this covers all bases- oiliness is controlled and perfection is achieved with the powder whilst the bronzer sculpts the cheekbones.  The brush is perfect as you have a chiselled end and a fluffy end for both applications.  It smells of coconut which for me can only mean goodness, it is bronzey but not orange and not cakey at all!!! However, the range of shades is slightly limited I like to wear a light powder but my skin is yellow toned so this option was slightly too rosy for me. For all you porcelain dolls it will be perfect!!!

I would keep a micellar water in your kit bag to refresh the skin after your workout like this one from Garnier and a light moisturiser like this from Simple to give a radiant glow under your makeup.

The rhubarb kissable lip balm is gorgeous and gives a lovely natural tint to the lips whilst moisturising them and smelling divine.  The Stamina mascara is also fab- it curls without clumping and is a very handy, compact size for all you girls on the move. This is a very exciting concept for me as makeup does not all have to be about glamour and full coverage for the evenings or work.  This range will boost your confidence and help you to look your best and at the same time-natural which is essentially what we all want.  Let me know if any of you try it and what you think…..

75808497_4plat_a1.jpg     75808308_4plat_a1.jpg







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