‘Gym for the Skin’ SOS Essentials….

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to the Centric Consulting Clinic near me in Sale -Manchester and to have a treatment/ appointment with Shelly at nonsugicalbeauty and thelifestylemechanic.  She operates out of a private medical consulting clinic and these are the two strands to her company. I’m going to split the post into two but Shelly made me realise that the two aspects have to work hand in hand if you are to get the results you want.

We started off with an informal chat about my skin, how it feels and looks, my concerns but also about how I feel generally in myself-my health, my diet and my lifestyle. We took some pictures of my skin and observed that I had some minor scarring and pigmentation and I felt that it lacked radiance and felt a little less plump than usual.  I explained that I had been travelling a lot recently and had not had as much sleep as usual.  My diet is generally very good and balanced but not perfect and I do not currently take any supplementation. Shelly recorded all of this on my chart and explained to me what we were going to do.

She first of all recommended I start on the SOS Advance Internal Cleanse. This is made up of natural, botanical ingredients and is an immune enhancer and a booster for the body to reach optimal health.  It regulates Glycation which is basically the negative effect too much sugar has on our bodies’ and skin and Candida which is a fungus that can cause intolerances and minor illnesses.  Even the most healthy of us are affected by all of this and so this is the perfect product to help us feel better on the inside and look better on the outside.  The simple way to look at it is- if your blood and insides are not clean and supported, your skin (as the biggest organ in your body will not be either) and will show all of those internal issues on your face.

The second step was a Microneedling procedure which is a facial treatment done by using a mechanical dermapen-it is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. The needles are used to puncture the skin to create a controlled skin trauma.  I have videos of the entire procedure and they will be up on my instagram accounts mirandahird_ and asmodelsdo so go and have a look at that to get an idea of what the treatment entails.

I was sceptical as it did sound painful and thought it was quite a drastic step towards achieving perfect skin..  This treatment, however, really did make sense to me- a scar or a line is deeper than the surface layer of your skin. For that to be treated you have to target the dermis and reach down to where your collagen is produced- that means getting deep into the skin and allowing it to heal itself.  Numbing cream was applied so that did mean that the discomfort was minimal and the redness has now almost gone- 3 hours later.

Next month she is going to do a Clinicare peel on my skin and tailor a Zo Skin health skincare programme for me.  This has been developed by Dr. Obagi and is targeted at addressing all skin concerns.  I will be reviewing these on my next blog post this time next month and give you a full update on the progress of my skin.

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