Magical Dreams and Pretty, Girly Things…..

I am lucky enough to have been sent some Goodies this week from Contour Cosmetics and Niko Pro Tools.  I wanted to share with you one of my favourites- infact I think my favourite brushes ever made!!!!

Niko Pro have teamed up with Contour Cosmetics to produce the utterly gorgeous Enchanted brush set.  They actually have Unicorn horn inspired handles- the perfect accessory to any girly, princess, vanity space. The set includes a fluffy powder brush, angled bronzer/blusher brush, soft stipple brush, smaller shadow blending brush, precision brushes for eyeliner and brows and a fabulous fanned brush to apply that sparkly highlight to the cheek and brow bones. This set includes all the brushes you will need for all over makeup application.  The Diamond case will shine on your dressing table and means these beauties will travel with you as-well. They are light and the fibres are great quality for a small pricetag. They work best with powders- especially glitters just because a girl can never have enough glitter and sparkle in her life!!!

Rose gold- theeee hottest colour on the market right now for accessories. This 8 piece set from Zoeva not only delivers on the look but the performance too.  These brushes come in a stylish black faux leather case so perfect for kits and also travel.  They also do an eye brush set too-well worth the investment.

Beauty Blenders have to appear in this blog- I use mine all the time and this one I picked up in LA is the best I’ve found- Sigma is a Californian brand and this 3D sponge is one of their creations. It reaches all the contours of the face making it far easier to achieve seamless coverage, sculpt, conceal and well pretty much everything.  If you are a makeup newbie starting with a blender is a great way to learn as you do not have to be so precise.  I found this really useful and now could not live without this tool.



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