My first blog post was about the gym and how much it can motivate you.  I want to also look at some other workout options that can be just as effective. I was talking to my mum last week and it made me realise that not everyone ‘loves’ the gym-she hates it!!!!

There is so much pressure now to exercise and to stay in shape- both to make us look and feel better but the gym is not the only way to do this. I went to a yoga class at yoga life in Wilmslow this morning. I haven’t been for a few months due to a move and I forgot just how amazing it is.  The great thing about yoga is that you do not have to be in amazing shape, a certain age or really fit to do it- it targets muscle groups, lengthens your limbs, stretches your body sure but it also focuses your mind, your breathing and can actually benefit your internal self.  I was sceptical, honestly, I’ve always thought you needed to pound yourself to feel like you were doing anything but trust me a good yoga teacher will really make you feel it the next day.

I love the fact that all the poses and sequences in yoga have a purpose and a flow that engage your whole body and your brain.  It is so important too (just for a short amount of time) disengage from all the chaos of life both physically and mentally. For that hour I concentrated completely on what I was doing, how I was breathing and moving and it was soooo needed.

Pilates is also a great option for you if you do not like the gym- it isn’t a spiritual form of exercise but it does have similar principles and connections to yoga:

  • Concentration. By focusing on your mind-body awareness, the better connection you establish with your body, and the more benefits you gain from your workouts. … 
  • Centering. … 
  • Control. … 
  • Breathing. … 
  • Precision. … 
  • Flow.

My mum said that after two sessions her neck pain was better, she felt firmer and had more energy- all of which are pretty good I think.

Another very exciting new class I wanted to share with you all is ModelFIT.  I actually did this class in L.A as one of friends is a trainer there.  She is a model and said I had to come and try it out. I would say that I am pretty fit, I’ve always trained but this was well WOW…. It is the chosen training method of the Victoria Secret Girls so that was me sold.

It is a combination of Cardio and Sculpt work which basically means that it both burns calories and also shapes and leans your body. We did it all to a fab playlist of music and Sarah was amazing she had a microphone and did the whole routine with us and really kept us going.  Some of the movements I had never done before like the glider and using ankle weights to increase the effect of lunges and squats.  It was like aerobics on steroids and I am totally hooked.

It has unfortunately not made it to the U.K. yet -hopefully that will change soon!!! This is what the expert had to say- ‘ModelFit is about being the model of fitness. Small, controlled movements target those muscle groups you didnt even know you had. Functional, balanced training creates lean, sculpted bodies.’  The girls are wearing custom designed Sweaty Betty leggings in the below pic- one of my fave sports brands especially for leggings thst stretch with you while you train and fit perfectly.

I will tag these companies and trainers’ pages on my facebook share and instagram post.




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