‘Nuts’ about Rude Health..

I’m proud to say that I am now working with health food brand Rude Health. I knew about the brand before as I have always well (since I started modelling) eaten well and tried to live a healthy lifestyle…… So when the chance came up to work with them I jumped at it as I love the ethos of the brand and the taste of their goodies.

I do not drink milk from choice, not because of an intolerance, so I am always looking at and testing non-dairy options.  Their hazelnut milk is my personal favourite- it is so creamy you can use it in your coffee without it splitting. It is fabulous mixed with turmeric to make golden milk -amazing for digestion.  Matcha lattes are also so delicious you can buy the powder at most health food shops and some supermarkets.  It’s an amazing alternative to a normal latte- it boosts the metabolism, detoxifies the body and calms us down without the highs and lows of caffeine.

The other star of the show is the almond butter and sea salt porridge- a seriously yummy breakfast or elevenses. They will be available in miniatures as well- the perfect travel size for commuters or to have at your desk.  The problem now is that the media have made us feel scared about ‘cereals’.  Rude Health do not use any refined sugars, artificial sweeteners or palm oils their products are organic and full of the good things we all need to function.  Oats, spelt, barley, dates just to name a few.

You can use the granola and raw oats to make yoaties or overnight oats. Simply buy a good greek yogurt or use a nutty milk- pour over your chosen granola, grate some apple shards over the top, add some blueberries, some agave to taste and you have an amazing breakfast. Leave overnight in the fridge for that thicker, creamier texture.  Oats can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthen our immune system, and contain B vitamins. Bacon, eggs and sausage doesn’t contain any sugar but it does contain a lot of fat so there is always something you ‘shouldn’t’ eat in everything!!!!! Life is about balance and eating the best ingredients you can- that means variety and clever choices.

Eating your carbs in the morning means that you will be fuller for longer, satisfied and these are slow release so you will have energy all day rather than sugar highs and hunger pangs.  Yes there are calories in them but that doesn’t mean they are all bad. Alternate a breakfast like this with a high protein choice.  Have this when you exercise as a post workout breakfast-the sugars will then be used to fuel your body and give you energy. Cinnamon is my topping of choice- it contains absolutely no calories and the spice will boost your senses and make everything taste exotic and indulgent.

There are a few other brands I would check out if all this sounds like something you could get behind- Lizis granolas’ offer a low sugar range and one that I especially love is Qnola. This has been created by a model who wanted to be able to enjoy cereal but with none of the nasties.  Her cereals are based around quinoa -a high protein, high fibre grain. They contain no gluten, wheat or refined sugars.  You can actually eat these products on a paleo diet and the flavours are fab- beetroot and pistachio and cocoa/cashew are two of my faves.

More recipes to follow on my blog this week…..

Happy Eating!!!!!!!


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