Girls Night Out Prep…..

So it is Saturday I had my breakfast in bed, stayed in my PJs till 1 pm blogging, cleaning and I am now about to start my girly night prep. Perfect Saturday right??♥

This post is about what I do to feel fabulous when I go out with the girlies- What products I use, how to cheat and save time and some little tips for you all to make it a little less stressful.  If you don’t have a lot of time on the day there are things you can do the night before that will make life a whole lot easier.  Run a nice hot bath and have a soak the evening before your planned night out or occasion and exfoliate.  I use Clarins Orange Extract face exfoliator for both face and body. I mix a small pea size amount with a shower gel to exfoliate my legs, arms and chest. I find body exfoliants too harsh for my skin and this one smells unreal too.  This will prep your skin for the next stage and also reveal a glowing complexion as you shed the effects of the week.

Next stage is that golden glow we all want -especially difficult to achieve in February living in the U.K.  My new discovery and star product is St tropez in shower gradual tan.  I use the shade medium but it is available in light for all you english rosebuds.  I love this product!!!! It is easy, quick and instant.  You only need 3 minutes to stand in the shower and let it work its’ magic whilst completing my next step. Be thorough and you won’t see any streaks and it really does last and look so natural.  No annoying carpet stains or biscuit smell for days just absolute dreamy tan. P.S this can also be used on the face.

Whilst you are in the shower and waiting for your tan to develop slap on a hair mask.  Now I have extensions in at the moment so I use Wella repair mask from my hairdresser -this makes my hair look so shiny and restores moisture but they do a whole range of options to suit your hair type, length and colour.  This will make your hair look fab and make it easier to style without feeling soft-if you have finer hair look for a thickening mask.

Final stage and tip is to use an illuminating balm for the face and slather it on!!!!!!! I use Elemis flash balm but there are a few I also recommend.  Clarins beauty balm is brilliant and I also like Bobbi Brown’s offering- it is quite pricey but gives a gorgeous sheen and opalescence to the skin.  The best thing about these balms are that they give the illusion of energy, sleep and vitality even if your skin is feeling and looking a little worse for wear.  Your makeup will glide on and your skin will have a natural highlight before you even add any in your makeup routine.

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