Caviar and Diamonds….

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So I recently purchased this Caviar Illumination cream from Aldi after hearing some amazing things about it from makeup artist friends and press. For the price tag which is an unbelievable £6.99- (this is direct from store). I couldn’t believe that it was as good as I had read.  It contains Snow Algae- I have blogged about algae before and its super skin benefits, this particular variety reduces redness and encourages collagen production another buzzword to spot in ingredient lists.  Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture and realeses it all day helping your skin to radiate and GLOW.  The Aldi skin care own brand Lacura advertises itself as for women of 40 plus-definitely not I am 30 and believe that anti ageing products are preventative. This means that the earlier you do the work the less you will have to do in later years!!!  I have been using it all this week and already the contours of my face feel more pronounced, my skin feels nourished without feeling greasy and I am wearing no makeup all day if I’m not working. Absolute Win win- my review is to go out and buy this immediately.  I have yet to try the night cream and the serum which come in handy tubes but I will be at the earliest opportunity!!!!!

THE COMPETITOR-La Prairie skin luxe cream.

I Have been lucky enough to work for La Prairie  in the past for a brief time while I was training and I must say I did love the brand.  The main thing I love is that every expert is fully trained on the brand and shares the experience with you, how to apply, how it works and the product itself is so decadent and lavish to use and feel.  However, all of this and the beautiful packaging doesn’t make up for the 270 pounds more you have to pay.  There is slightly more of the active ingredients in this one as you would expect and I don’t feel that you need a separate night cream with this.  The one cream will do both as it is rich enough and you do need less product so it will go further.  If your budget can stretch to it buy this an investment but for everyday use the Aldi alternative is the star buy for me.


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