Cleansing Oils


I was very confused and fascinated by the concept of cleansing oils when they first started appearing everywhere.  I have oily skin-prone to blemishes and it seemed bizarre to think that using oil to cleanse my face could possibly be a good thing.  Actually using a balm like the one above from Elemis  (AMAZING) helps to balance your skin and oil production levels so stops your skin from drying out and producing excess oil-blocking pores as a result.

There is something very luxurious about using an oil it feels so spa like and indulgent and your make-up does literally melt away.  This particular one is just gorgeous and my skin felt so clean afterwards but never dry or squeaky just nourished and silky.  The smell is a combination of rose, mimosa or orange oil and mint.  I sometimes use this as a mask and lie in the bath and let it melt into my face knowing it is only increasing the benefits for my skin and my sense of wellbeing.  The product also contains a rare type of algae which most of us skin junkies know usually means something great is happening. In this case anti ageing- (yeaaaay) hence the pro collagen title.  For best results invest in a muslin cloth and remove with warm water. This will remove all nasties and gently exfoliate your face.

Another little gem and an absolute must buy at 6.99 from Superdrug is their own signature B. Pure Micellar Oil .  It turns from an oil into a milk which for those of you that prefer more of a wash and rinse cleansing ritual will love.  It doesn’t have that richness of a balm but it does still feel very kind to the skin and decadent.  High levels of vitamin E and Chai seed oil work together so your skin is both purified and nourished.  The combination of these two actions is what keeps skin balanced, healthy and GLOWING.  The smell isn’t as heavenly but for the price tag you can’t really expect miracles.

I also think these options are well worth a try Shu Uemura Ultimate cleansing oil and Murad Renewing cleansing oil .

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