Man Up Mondays….

Today I had a rare day to myself and despite having a slight case of the Monday Blues after my trip to LA we all have them lets be honest, I dragged myself to the gym and decided to kick my own bottom!!! Whatever you enjoy (if anything) at the gym I promise it will make you feel better as exercise really does release endorphins in the body which promote happiness and pleasure, yeayyyy:) A yummy green juice whizzed up as pre or post workout fuel and bingo your return to normal life seems a lot less daunting.  I didn’t want this to seem like another irritating ‘Lets do this’ post that everyone wakes up toall over their social media on a Monday but if you can do something that fires up your body even if it’s just a brisk walk or some stretches you will feel better. Failing that due to time constraints or mood just lie or sit on the floor and switch off for a few minutes, relax and breathe slowly.  This is a sort of meditation and it may seem pointless or silly if you are not used to it but it definitely helps me and makes me feel ready to face the challenges of the week whatever they might be. Life is all about balance and a bit of zen on a Monday goes a long way toward banishing those blues!!!!!

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